Wednesday, October 24, 2012

102212: Girlfriends ❤

Semestral Break, here we go! We planned to hang out two days after the exams, to slacken up. The night before, we were expecting eight girls coming. But in the morning, me and my best friend Camey end up dating lol. ;) The rest texted us that they'll be late because of research work. And Eka, one of the girls, texted me that she couldn't come because of some requirements in school. I mean, yeah, we're having a full plate with school works because it's the end of our first semester. I don't know if I can still call it a "BREAK" because we're still working in school, have the papers sign by the professors. Good thing we still find a time to loosen up. :) Anyways, these pictures will show you how that day was filled with elation. :)

 While waiting for the others..

Where's the sun best friend? :)

Asian pose lol :-P

Sorry, just texting him :">  ❤

They've come! Haha :-D

 Reg and Tuy

 Reg and JC :">

What I wore that day.. :)

Polka Dots Top and Black Shorts: DEI (My Aunt's Clothing Company)
Shoes: TOMS
Bag: Gift
No make up: Simplicity is Beauty :)

-Chell c:

Photos from my friend, Camey :)

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