Thursday, August 31, 2017


Hi everyone! I have a good news for you today. I've been busy with school stuff and in finishing studies with my chosen profession and I'm so happy to tell you guys that I made it! I'm officially a licensed physical therapist! :) I can't wait to share more of this but for now, let's focus on why I'm doing this blog post.

Fashion is one way of expressing yourself as a unique individual. I don't mind seeing people spend so much on clothes because it is what they want and this is how they express who they really are. That's why each individual has his or her own taste in fashion.

Recently as I was browsing the internet, I've found out about this international clothing company, YOINS. They have a variety of clothes to choose from, it may depend on the weather or with your current mood :) They've got high quality fashion at an affordable price! But don't get me wrong, this site is only for women. So, I'm so sorry for my guy followers here. Well, you can order for your partners, family and friends, right? They offer 10% off to their first customers and a FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING if you get to order items worth more than $50. What a great deal isn't it? They offer tops, bottoms, dresses, active wear, lingerie and sleepwear. But not just that, you can also order accessories from them. Plus, they are on SALE now! Yes, you've read it... A MAJOR SUMMER SALE UP TO 90% OFF! The sample designs I'll be showing in this blog post are part of the sale! I'll provide some links for each category where you can check them out. (And I'm sure you will) Lol :) Now, let's see what they've got, shall we?

White Hollow Design Long Sleeves T-Shirt

                                                                     V neck Floral Top

                                                   Sexy Camouflage V neck Lace- up Front

                                                                Casual Knitted Cardigan

                                                    Red Floral Crop Top and Mini Skirt

                                                         Yellow Self Tie Design Blouse

You may click Stylish Women's Tops Online for more designs.

Another thing, I'm sure you guys know how trendy crop tops are now. Yoins also provide this type of clothing on their site. The designs are really in now. Here are some of them..

                                                    White Long Sleeves Self-Tie Design

                                           Yellow Off- Shoulder with Flared Long Sleeves

                                                      Black Chiffon Tie Front Collar Top

                                                              Grey Bow Tie Off Shoulder

                                                                 Cut Out Crop Top

                                                        Red Sexy Off Shoulder Floral Top

These designs are available in other colors as well as the other link I've provided above. For this category, you may check Cute Crop Tops Online.

Well guys, are you now convinced how awesome this clothing line is? You'll never regret it, swear! Also, you can download their official IOS and Android app for easier and convenient shopping.
Now, go and register and get your first YOIN item! :)

You may check their other profiles.
Instagram: @yoinscollection
Tumblr: AllAboutYoins
Pinterest: Official Yoins
Facebook: YoinsCollection