Friday, February 14, 2014

Sophia Love Fragrances

Some fragrances may smell too sweet or heavy, or too dull that may not last all day. Men and women always want to feel fresh and clean, added with their favorite perfumes. It is important to point out that such fragrances are pleasant if they could be worn all day, on all types of occasions.

Great fragrances don't come only with the smell, but also with the color of the bottle in which the fragrance is stored and with the packaging. That's what Sophia Love Ph have. Big thanks to Sophia Love offering fresh and good quality perfumes. Very nice inspired perfumes that you can't actually notice difference from those original ones. Plus, you could have them for affordable prices! Isn't that great?

So what did I got? :)

  • Tommy Hilfiger Girl- It is one of the best perfumes ever! You know, that chic feeling of yours like you're always good to go. It's perfect to wear when going out with friends!

  • Philosophy Pure Grace- One of my fave from Sophia! Have you used some of those baby colognes? I'm a lover of those fragrances and this perfume is one of the best! 

  • Sophia- Original scent of Sophia fragrances, I think? It's really simple and not too sweet. It will be nice to use when you're going to school. It will give you a fresh and cool feeling.

  • Chanel Bleu - This is one of the best fragrances for men. Guys that are so bango are really attractive, am I right girls? :) This will be given to my special someone, my dad. I'm sure he'll love it! Thanks to the owner of Sophia Fragrances for choosing it for me :)

  • Calvin Klein CK One- I chose this as my personalized perfume because I'm a fan of Unisex perfumes. I'm a girl, obviously, but I love fragrances of men and I don't know why haha! So I can say that perfumes like CK One will be a great idea.

So lovely, isn't it?

Perfumes as gifts and souvenirs are available in 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 60ml. Bath & body care, and cosmetics are also available. Skin care products will be out soon so check out the shop! :)

Sophia Love Fragrances are made of 20% fragrance oil from France, other raw materials are imported. Also, they are personally mixed and labeled.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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