Monday, January 19, 2015

Is enough, enough?

It's not all about what you think it is. Everything is not what it seems. There are things you thought they're gonna last forever. Some says, "there is no forever". But yes, it does exist! You just have to deal with the most important things first rather than digging in to what's in the present.. think of the future.

There may be some things that could keep you off the track. Things that are not so obviously momentary but you still rather choose. As for finding the "right one", go for someone who strives to be better for you, but most importantly, for someone who wants to be better for themselves. Someone who let you grow for the best you. Everything you plant in your garden will grow, and it is just as true in romantic relationships as it is in every other aspect of life. Those smiles and kind words traded followed by the secrets and stories of the past, the ones you swore you’d never tell. It just all felt so different with this someone, it somehow felt so right.. SOMEHOW. Those butterflies you felt in your stomach, the way your cheeks goes red every time you hear, "You're so adorable" or "You're such a priceless gem". Well, of course you are! You're amazing just the way you are as my darling Bruno Mars said and remind yourself that everyday. (Yes, I do love Bruno Mars. Julio get the stretch! Lol)

Some things are just not enough. This doesn't only apply to your love life but in general, as a whole entity. You must learn how get a handle on uncertainties and prospects. There can be a happy ending if you let go, give it to God, and trust him with all of your heart. It all goes to WHAT is right and WHO is right. Get busy working toward things that really matter and seek the KINGDOM first.