Monday, October 22, 2012

Rings of Fire ♔

A girl, a woman and a lady can't get enough of extensions. Some go for glittering and classy adornments and some will go for simple and yet elegant embellishments. It's not on how an arm and leg the appurtenances are, but it's how you concert them with your desired outfit. I'm gonna show you some sumptuous and foxy rings that are affordable and that will give you a go for a hobnob 

Vintage White Frost Adjustable Ring

Sparrow Diamond Stud Ring

 Queen Bee Adjustable Ring

 Wild Safari Babe Printed Ring

 Peach Rose and Stones

Love and Precious Stone Vintage

Three Pearls Vintage Ring

Snow Queen Stone Studded Ring

Victorian Jewel Stone Ring

 Jeweled Peace Sign Ring

 Hippy Love Vintage Ring set


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