Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation 2013 (Masbate City, Philippines)

Gawwdd, after 4 years here I am! :) Since I entered college, I didn't have the time to go home in our province. I'm currently studying BS Physical Therapy in a private college in Metro Manila. I just can't explain the excitement and how I felt elated when I bought a bus ticket. Masbate City is the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines (cattles, horses and bull riding) wherein I didn't get the chance to catch up the shows and the celebration for I went home late. :(  Here are just of the photos I took while on vacation. :) Well, after four years... :)

 Our ranch: Rain Valley Farm

 My grandpa who got in the top ten for Vet Med board exam in his days.. missing hims so much.

Zig Zag Road

 With cousins..


I'm gonna miss all these.. :(

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