Friday, September 27, 2013

Marty Mcfly

Kids of 80's!! I'm sure you've already watched all "Back to the Future" movies. I was born on 90's but I fell in love with this movie and watched this for so many times. I had a little crush on Michael J. Fox, so cute Foxy! Lol. As we all know or most of us do, he's suffering from Parkinson's Disease; a disease which is idiopathic or have no known cause though some cases are genetic in origin. This include shaking, rigidity, slow movements and difficulty in ambulating. And with that, here's my lil tribute for him. My brave Marty :)

Just used a Mongol pencil on this for I lost my charcoal pencil :( But, hey! I'll still finish this using one :) Honestly, I had a hard time doing his lips but his eyes are perf. I just blogged about it for I was elated that somehow, I did it! :) Did this for an hour but it's not yet done, though. So.. does it look good?



  1. Awesome! Watched the trilogy of BTTF, and still enjoy it to this day. Forces a grin on my face whenever I see it on TV.

    Nailed it with the sketch, great job!

    Kinda weird how Michael J. Fox looks...constipated in the promotional still. Haha. You surely got that right on the sketch!

  2. Hahaha! I thought you're someone else, tse! Lol thanks Drew! :)